Our Story
Our goal is to improve your travel experience and your daily routine

This is the first fully automated luggage storage service in downtown Athens.

This idea was born from our personal needs and demands during our trips abroad and in our daily lives. Our ardent desire was to explore our destination carrying just our excitement and a few necessities, rather than being burdened and hampered by bags and luggage. At the same time, the fast pace of urban life demands that we start our day weighted with many briefcases and handbags to deal with any eventuality.

By using our service you will have your own secure storage space! Your unique locker where you can easily store for a few hours your (bags, purses, helmets, even your keys) so that you can enjoy your walk around Athens.

The Lockers Project

The Lockers, the first automated luggage storage facility in downtown Athens, is only the first step in a wider project

Our goal is to establish a network of smart and inspired services aimed both at tourists and locals. It is an innovative service with a contemporary approach that was created with exceptional respect for the user. Our service is available to anyone who needs a private short-term storage facility.

In addition, we are developing a network of collaborating businesses that can contribute their products and services towards transforming your visit to Athens into a unique experience, whether you are a tourist or not.